Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Matters of the Heart.

(alternate title: Indigestion)

I donated platelets yesterday. It was a tough donation. I did a double. I took Tums several times during the process to battle the tingling. I was proud of myself, though. I was glad I'd put on a few pounds, thanks to the cross-training, so I was eligible for the double.

I was tired when I got home, and really had to go to the bathroom. I felt like I had gas really bad.

And then it moved upward. Not quite into my chest, but certainly not my usual upset tummy. I sat on the toilet wondering if I was having a heart attack.

I didn't make it to the kidlet's practice. I texted The Ex to tell him I wasn't feeling well. He asked about my symptoms and I told him. He recommended Tums. I took a few and spent the next hour on my side.

I got up feeling much better, but completely exhausted.

Eric had left town with his boys, but we'd made a tentative phone date. I texted him to tell him that I had not had a heart attack, but that I wasn't feeling well and would be asleep by the time he was able to call.

He called right away.

And asked why I hadn't called him.

Um, because he's out of town? And he had his kids?

His next question was why I hadn't called an ambulance... Or the Ex.

And I explained that I had called the Ex.

And then I found myself wondering how that would have played out if Eric was still in town. Would I have called him? Would I have been candid with him about my symptoms?

The Ex and I still have this level of honesty with one another. No embarrassment about bodily functions whatsoever. I can talk to him about shit and gas and whatnot with no problems.

So, regarding this... The Ex is still my go-to guy. Add in the fact that he's still my husband, and it's probably not surprising that I would turn to him before I turn to my... What are we calling Eric these days? The guy I am in love with? But the guy who's not my boyfriend?


I'm not going to overanalyze this. Shocking, I know.

I'm just going to be grateful for the fact that I didn't have a heart attack. And that the Ex was able to diagnose the worst heartburn ever via text... Yes, TEXT. Weird, but true.

And I'm on the mend.

And I just booked myself a little spa-getaway. I can't wait.

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  1. You are amazing! XOXO Chandra