Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today was one.

Apparently, I was ready for what the Universe brought me today. Because a thousand things I'd planned for didn't happen, which brought me to where I was today.

And, ordinarily, when I'm beaten over the head with the ClaRiTy stick, I am all raw and fragile for hours (sometimes days!) afterwards.

This time was different.

I am lighter. But purposeful.

And tonight, I trusted myself. And I think it will be good.

This time, when I realized it's not all about me, it was different. Because maybe, just maybe, I am the messenger. And I can do that.

I am grateful for every tangible thing I brought home with me. I am grateful for the phone calls. I am thankful for my openness to what is coming next. And what is right here before me.

I am grateful that I only re-read it once before hitting "send".

And it's with so much Light and Love that I quote, "Let's start at the very beginning... A very good place to start... When you read, you begin with ABC, when you sing you begin with Do Re Mi..."

I seriously love my ABC necklace. Seriously. But with laughter, of course.

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