Friday, November 20, 2009

Out of that little pond...

I came across a photo on my computer tonight... It's a group shot of a bunch of high school pals... And I studied it for a moment before I did some counting...

There are ten people in the picture.

I have kissed five of them. (And only three were boys. LOL)

And I'm in it, too. Which leaves only four in the photo whose tongues haven't been in my mouth.

I guess I really made my way around that crowd. Shit.

SoulMate was right to give me grief about my "little pond".

Well, I'm jumping into the ocean now. I haven't kissed a boy from high school in more than a month.

And while I am enjoying kissing other boys (men!), I am realizing that my town isn't such a big pond, either. Haha.

Things are about to get interesting....

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